COVID-19 Response


Upon talking with customers and employees, Pro clean Car Wash has resumed our full service washes and detailing along with the exterior washes at all locations.

As a company, Pro Clean Car Wash takes the health and safety of its employees and customers very seriously. Your safety is our top priority. We actively monitor the state and federal guidelines for dealing with Covid-19. The main areas we want to address are:

  1. A healthy workforce
  2. Social distancing
  3. Personal Protective Equipment
  4. Sanitation Procedures

We want you to know that the following safety measures have been implemented at all locations for the safety of our customers and team members.

  • Employees are checked daily for any flu like systems. Thermometers are available on site to check temperatures if needed.
  • We have changed our procedures to maintain the 6’ spacing between employees. Markings on the floor in the lobby provide visual guidance for appropriate social distancing.
  • All employees are required to wear a mask and gloves. We’ve placed a Plexiglas barrier at the cashier station.
  • We frequently, throughout the day, sanitize our lobbies and common areas.
  • In addition to sanitizing the lobbies, we have acquired HEPA Air Purifiers for the lobbies as well.
  • And very importantly, the final step for all full service cars will be to sanitize all touch points in the vehicle. Using a hospital grade disinfectant, areas such as door handles, door panels, arm rest, steering wheels, and dashes will be sanitized just prior to you receiving your car.


Recognizing the hardship this has placed on many of the families in our community, Pro Clean will be partnering with River Bend Foodbank in the Quad Cities and St. Stephens in Dubuque to support the most vulnerable members of our community. We will collect and match monetary donations received at each of our locations.

This partnership will last through June 2020. Thank you to River Bend Foodbank in the Quad Cities and St. Stephens in Dubuque for the essential services they provide.