Express Detailing

Exterior Paint Protection


Cleans, polishes, and protects vehicle finish

Provides long lasting and durable shine

Super Interior Clean


Cleans and conditions all interior plastic, vinyl, and rubber

Comprehensive vacuuming included under and between seats

Blow dust and dirt out of vents, crevices, and hard to reach areas

Leather Clean & Condition


Gently cleans and conditions all leather seats

Exterior Detail


Clay Bar to remove contaminants

Exterior Paint Protection

Detailing Combos

Complete Interior


Comprehensive vacuuming including under and between seats

Blow dust and dirt out of vents, crevices and hard to reach areas

Cleans and conditions all plastic, vinyl and rubber

Gently cleans & conditions all leather seats

Shampoo and hot steam extraction of all carpeting

Exterior 3-Step


Clay-N-Wax technologies for removing organic and industrial fallout on all horizontal surfaces

Clear coat compound for minor abrasion removal

Sealtek wax applied and buffed to achieve maximum shine

Bumper to Bumper


Complete interior detailing

Exterior hand polished

Ultimate Shine


Complete interior detailing

Exterior three step

Sealtek high gloss polish

Your vehicle will be polished to a glass-like smooth shine